Sunday, 24 March 2013

Things in my life that I am happy about

Sunrise on the way to work this morning. It was glorious.

 And then I got home and found these....!
Tickets to Wicked in September - Eevee and I will be there or be very upset.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

New nail polish and an outfit shot!

I was all set to write a serious post about the things I wished I knew as a high schooler about medicine, and the things I wished I knew as a med student about medicine.

And then these arrived in the post.
Mariah Carey liquid sand collection
These have been extensively reviewed online, so they were pretty much exactly as expected - OPI describes them as "matte with sparkles in them" and the texture is a great deal of fun. I personally liked the application of "The Impossible" the best (second from the right) as the texture shows up nicely and for some reason it just went on better than the other three, however the colour is a peachy red that does not suit me at all. The leftmost two remind me of Magic Sand and jelly sandals, which makes them feel like very "young" colours to me. The far right one - Stay The Night - is my favourite of the lot, and is a matte black with dark red sparkle. It did take three coats to get the colour right whereas the others took two, but I think I will buy a full-size one if I find myself using it more.

I also wore this to the grocery store - this is more like my mallgoth style from 2008-2009 as opposed to the froufrou and frills I wear these days, but I definitely think you can see the influence of the latter on the former. I always find it interesting when people ask where one wears alternative fashion. To me they're just my casual clothes (or rather, I don't have regular-person casual clothes these days) and what I wear when I'm not wearing work clothes.