Thursday, 16 October 2014

A eulogy for Nala

Dear Nala,

You were not the smartest cat, or the most snuggly.

 You liked to sit on things that were the most inconvenient for your humans

And get into places you shouldn't.

You got stuck in high places, and never seemed to use your tail for balance.

You liked to sit on pizza boxes and play with string. liked boxes...

...especially with string.

Like most cats, you enjoyed sleeping, eating, and sunshine.

Sometimes I used to feed you things you shouldn't have
(you often threw up later)

And sometimes you brought me presents.

I did not appreciate the ones that were still alive.

Dear Nala, you were my fluffy bear, and I will miss you and your gorgeous green eyes and your floof and your teeny tiny paws.

RIP Nala
(and Jagi, who is hunting dandelions in the back)