Thursday, 31 January 2013

So people have been sharing their wardrobes online this month

I thought I might try this too, but Nala obviously thought I was laying her out a nest...
 She moulted half her tail off on this dress, I swear. Good thing I'm not trying to sell it.
For reference, her tail is this big.
 My dresser drawer creaked very dangerously when she was doing this; she is only 4kg of cat, but my dresser is also only some sort of pretend wood stuff that's been repaired multiple times with superglue.
Have a bonus shot of tail-from-above. And my toes.
Planning her next attack! I don't think she sat on these items though.

Also, an outfit just to go to the post office if you're interested in what I wear.

Friday, 18 January 2013

House officers say the darndest things

(So do consultants, but I'm not quite sure that I should quote them here.)

These are not my finest moments at all, but somehow I'm still employed despite these pearls of wisdom.

"Ooh, he has bones!" - reviewing images of a tagged white blood cell scan
"It's because his brain is like polkadots on his MRI." - describing multiple previous infarctions and extensive small vessel disease in an attempt to explain why I wanted OT to do a cognitive assessment.
"This patient's breath sounds are gurgly" - to my registrar
"There's a fluffy bit over there" - pointing out ?right lower zone consolidation on an x-ray
"Sorry I couldn't find a torch, the med student didn't have one" - also to my registrar
"They look squishable and there's no arrows, he must be fine" - describing images showing venous compression on leg USS to rule out a DVT.
"Oh crap, I'm calling the registrar." - said far too often on evenings. I love the registrars.