Thursday, 28 November 2013

I live in a beautiful country

I've just moved everything home in preparation for the big move - to London - and took some photos of what I'm leaving behind. My last day at work was beautiful so I took some photos.
Driving to work

Work carpark...
Driving home!
Yes, that is a cyclist on the highway. Yes, they are allowed to be there.
I drove up from Wellington with a very fully laden car. It was not the most fun 7 hour trip of my life, mainly because everything was crammed in and spilling over into the space for the driver and passenger...a testament to how much stuff I have, I think.
Wellington - the view from my balcony
Heading up the coast...
Obligatory sheep and cows
Driving into some rain on the Desert Road

Lake Taupo
Thankfully it was great weather for driving for the most part and the weather continued to hold. I'm now frantically stressing and packing for London (which has consumed most of the last 2 months to be fair...) but will hopefully update this a bit more once I'm there!