Saturday, 29 June 2013

I wore a dress.

I actually do have some thoughts to post about my doctoring, but finding the right words so that I not only say what I mean but that my meaning is likely to be understood is proving a challenge. One of these posts has been sitting around since March.

Also, I went to Wellygeddon. I think I look super old in these photos, going to blame the makeup rather than the "natural ageing process".

Photo taken by
I have 2 petticoats on - the Classical Puppet's A-line and Melikestea PT06, but this dress EATS petticoats

Photo taken by
Face looks better in this.

Friday, 7 June 2013

A frilly weekend in Wellington!

Eevee came to Wellington again for her birthday weekend - I will let the images speak for how much fun we both had!

We dressed up...
Eevee FABULOUS (also, dat petticoat poof)
and dressed up some more.

Shopping day!

We also went out for food...

Abrakebabra kebab burgers:


One of the Korean restaurants

....and of course we hit up Movenpick because icecream and birthdays and stuff.

all the flavours!

Obligatory outfit pic - check out the picture of icecream by my head!

We also went to town...

and to the beach!