Sunday, 7 April 2013

The "best little zoo" and a birthday celebration

As the title suggests, this entry will be full of cute animal pictures. Wellington Zoo describes itself as "the best little zoo" and this is reflected in the animals that are kept there. For example, they have sun bears (which are the smallest bears in the world), pygmy marmosets (smallest monkey) and red pandas (which are a lot smaller and cheaper than the giant ones).
Otters - they are at the zoo entrance, and were quite shy but came out just as we left the zoo!
Pygmy marmoset blending into the tree
Squirrel monkey - apparently their genus name is derived from words for "small monkey" 
Chimp mum and baby
Meerkat lookout
A teeny tiny meerkat baby is hiding in that pile of meerkats
More meerkats!
Porcupines having a snooze, with a random paw sticking out.
Giraffes - not everything in the zoo is small!
A very attractive bird!
and the smallest tiger!
The smallest bear (photo from Wellington Zoo website as all of mine were terrible)
Just look at the little face...
...and the tail!

 My birthday happened to coincide with the long Easter weekend this year, so I decided to celebrate my birthday with a cheeseboard and some chocolate...
Cadbury creme egg self-saucing pudding, and some sort of sparkling alcohol