Friday, 26 October 2012

Things and stuff.

So you know how way, way back I posted that I like alternative fashion and frilly things? Well I recently bought this dress (yes, the people that are into frilly things are obsessive enough collectors that we have a motherfreaking DATABASE of clothing) and it's awesome. I've actually never bought anything fixed size from this brand because the bust measurements are well above my own, but despite this dress having a bust measurement of 90cm and mine being...80-81cm, it's a shockingly good fit on me and doesn't make me swim in it, which is just weird. I am wearing a push up bra to help things though.
Not too shabby for no makeup/not doing my hair/self timer-ing!

Also my cat hat is awesome. My cat not so much since she threw up on the carpet this morning for no reason. And then reappeared after a few hours and was super friendly because she knew she'd done something wrong.

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