Sunday, 24 February 2013

You can't beat a nice day in Wellington

So Eevee came to visit me her family as they were stopping over in Wellington and we caught up and had amazing food on an amazing day. I'm not usually very good at taking pictures of food before it gets devoured, but these dishes demanded photos.

Our day started with a fantastic breakfast at Astoria on Lambton Quay, since it was one of the only places open for an 8.15am breakfast and also closeish to the port. We shared the French toast which came with strawberries, cream, lemon curd and bacon, and also a large serving of fries with mayo. It was pretty much the perfect amount of food for both of us.

We then went shopping and took some photos at Oriental Bay. We both were wearing black and light purple outfits - however, since we have completely different skin tones, my purple was a blue-toned lavender and hers a pink-toned lilac.
Shooped Asian pose outfit shot

Un-shooped awkward has the timer gone off yet pose from me - Eevee was already in position
Small child was very confused.
My petticoat was hanging right out in this photo or I would've posted the whole thing.

We had lunch at The White House, since "there's something funny about Americans coming to New Zealand to dine at the White House". The food there is stunning.
We started off with whitebait fritters, which are some of the best that I've had and definitely didn't skimp out on the whitebait (although I prefer my own batter recipe which is heavily egg-white based).

My entree - twice-cooked pork belly with ginger and lychee jelly, spiced cashews, coriander dressing, apple and lychee salad. This was amazing. And those things on the jelly are dehydrated lychees.

Eevee's entree - confit of Saikou Salmon with cauliflower bavarois, sprouts, citrus soy jelly, microsalad, and caviar cream. Tasted fantastic.

Mains - pan-roasted snapper with pumpkin risotto, almond cream, and ink. I wasn't super convinced by the risotto as I found it very bland and mainly just creamy texture, but the fish was done beautifully.

Eevee's main - duck with orange kumara puree (amazing puree), braised cabbage with ginger, hoisin sauce and mandarin - the yellow-orange thing on the right is dehydrated mandarin.

The sides are also worth mentioning - their salads are amazing, especially the rocket and pear with hazelnuts and parmesan, and their chips came in this cute wee pot. 

And of course dessert - I got creme caramel, but have no pictures of Eevee's dessert

Of everything that was eaten there, I would definitely recommend both mine and Eevee's entrees, the lamb and venison mains, and my creme caramel dessert! I am unlikely to dine there again soon in the future as there are so many more places I have to eat at in Wellington, so hopefully there will be more food posts on this blog soon.

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