Saturday, 17 August 2013

You should read this.

One of my friends has started a series of blog posts about her JRA, which can be found here.

Having had the privilege of knowing her for a number of years and talking to her a fair amount about her arthritis and the associated frustrations that come with it (side note: not everyone is your patient, but having friends who take meds that require a special authority number means that you will invariably talk to them about why they're on it) I'm incredibly impressed that she's started writing about her own journey and made the effort to share with others. 

I'm usually skeptical about "promoting awareness", mainly because that goal is used indiscriminately of the actual issue at hand and possible solution(s) to the issue(s) we are "promoting awareness" about, but given that she's had to deal with crap like being flat out told she was lying about having arthritis and pain for pity/attention, I think awareness is the right goal in this case. Plus, there are conditions that are far easier to lie about that don't involve having to take methotrexate or prednisone.

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