Thursday, 20 September 2012

Singapore Sightseeing 1

I have figured out how to run internet on my computer through my phone, so this is a wee catch up on what has happened since my last blog post. Because it's been, like, TWO WEEKS and in internet time that's practically forever.

This first part is going to just be photos of the shopping centre at Marina Bay and the Gardens by the Bay. I went in the evening on a Saturday, so naturally it was super busy. 
Things that are like trees but are not actually trees. With a ferris wheel in the background. There is a path you can go up to for $5, but the line went entirely around the base of one of the "trees" and was at least 4 deep.
This is a bridge with trees on it. Actual trees!
Unusually shaped paving stones. Every garden should have some. This photo reminds me of what I thought the lands at the top of the magical faraway tree looked like.
 ...chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp.
 This staircase had a water feature in the middle of it. 

I also took some photos of interesting lighting in the Garden and its surrounds. 
 What does this remind you of? Because it's actually an underwater light that I managed to get an awesome photo of whilst snickering because it reminded me of a sexual health lecture.
 City lights, taken from previously pictured bridge with actual trees on it. I walked over to the mall which is big and fancy and ridiculous.
 And, you know, has a random canal running through it, just for the hell of things.
 Whirlpooly thingy on the roof. I am not sure how else to describe this.
More "artistic" photos - this is the reflection of shop lights in a central water feature pond.
There were lights being projected onto streams of water. It was Very Cool.
Soft shell crab and bento box. Not the best I've had, but I was hungry so it didn't matter.

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