Saturday, 1 September 2012

Things I have been up to, part 1.

1. Sightseeing - I headed to Clarke Quay and took a wander around there on Wednesday night, just because I could. See: the most awesome icecream ever.
Icecream in perfect shapes! Left: green tea + red bean, right: black sesame. Amazing and exactly what I wanted.
 2. Eating all the food. This is guava juice and oyster soup.
 It was pretty average, sadly.
This is a hotpot thing where you choose what you want and it gets cooked in soup for you. I'm nnot sure what everything in there was, but I positively identified fishballs, fungi (two mushrooms and the brown stuff), green veges, squid, seaweed, and tofu. I am still not quite sure what some of the other things were but they tasted good.

3. Accepting free things from drug companies - there was a talk about different anticoagulants, i.e. warfarin vs. dabigatran vs. rivaroxaban vs. something else that's unavailable in NZ. People use drug brand names a lot here, and they seem to be less fazed by drug rep promotions. The free lunch was super tasty (all the steamed dumplings!) and post-its are awesome.
Documenting my second day of Bodyrock challenge!
which leads me nicely to 4. Bodyrock - I've done 3 days' worth so far and am finding it really good to have preplanned workouts.  This is closely associated with 5. Bringing breakfast to work - I get really hungry during the ward round so am attempting to mitigate this by bringing a protein shake and a banana with me every day. I also discovered the coffee dispenser (technically for patients) is brought around by the nurses just before handover, so that goes in my protein shake too :P
As you can see, I found a use for the free drink bottle Etude House gave me. It makes an amazing shaker!

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