Thursday, 18 December 2014

There and back again!

So I'm back in New Zealand now and really my blog has been very neglected whilst in much for it providing a travel diary! You'd think now I'm back and job hunting that I would have all this free time to blog and reflect on my experiences, but in reality the opposite is true because I'm occupying my time sorting out everything that I left here for 12 months...and trimming the cat's fur because it's all tied up in unmanageable mats of fur. The stuff I've cut out is so dense that you'd swear she'd taken up felting....
The Fluffmeister. Note short patch - this picture taken before all matted areas removed
I'm also clearing out a lot of the things that I thought I needed to keep (but didn't as I managed just fine without them for 12 months..) so hopefully whilst I look I'll get a little income from selling stuff online. It does mean my room is packed with bags and boxes and things while I slowly clear the piles...

It's finally a nice summery day as well...hope this holds until Christmas.

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