Friday, 24 August 2012

I am bad at blogging about food

This is why. See this? It was once a very attractive slice of cake. Note that I didn't even think about photographing it until halfway through its demise.

So instead we can talk about why the hospital food is awesome in Singapore. Alexandra Hospital has a "cafeteria" which is more like a food court, with 5 food outlets (including the staff cafe) and 3 drinks/dessert stores and actually, they're pretty damn good. Today I bought lunch - rice + 3 vege dishes on a huge plate - for $2.40. If I wanted a meat option, it would've been $3. And they were nice veges, not frozen mixed veg or anything. And then I got a big cup of iced tea. For 70c. And had a straw!
View from outside the hospital.
Hutt Hospital, please do this - I will be working at you at the end of the year, and as much as I like this notion, your cafeteria hasn't got a bar on this one.

Anyway... onto the food I have photographed. This first one was dinner provided to me by the homestay I'm at since they had leftovers! Ginger chicken, rice, tofu, veges, and soup. It disappeared shortly after this photo was taken.

 Dessert from the hospital cafe - shaved ice, mango and longans ($1.70). Their shaved ice machine sucks though, it's more like crushed ice, so I'm going to stick to the Alexandra Village food court from now on, even if it is a dollar more.
 Sugarcane juice (because I hadn't tried it before, and I'm not sure I like it that much but it was worth trying) and oyster omelette all to myself - this was a $4 omelette and it was definitely a meal, plus it contained 5-6 oysters (the 6th is a maybe - I'm not sure if it was bits of the other oysters or another one itself)
So that's actually all the food I've photographed since arrival here, despite eating out every day. Obviously it's not particularly appropriate to whip out my camera when I'm lunching with the house officers, but still :P some of the food I remember eating and then thinking about photographing includes fish laksa, mango shaved ice, char siu bao, some savoury bread things, lots of iced tea, and a bacon and egg mcmuffin (I wanted bacon. They don't do bacon at any of the food stalls, okay?)

Since I did so lousy on the food thing, have some pictures I took at IKEA - yeah, there's an IKEA across the road from here too. Sadly I can't buy anything to take home with me since it won't fit in my bag (although the double sized loft bed is EXACTLY what I want for my room)
 Here are some more cacti with pretty coloured things around their bases and some nice pots.
Here is a mirror that I liked. I felt a bit awkward taking photos of all the things I wanted in ikea, especially since a lot of it was in the childrens' section (so I may have wanted a swing in my room when I was little, and some of the cushions look awesome, and yeah.)
Hamish likes mirrors too. This was taken on the plane to Singapore (the first time) but I think it deserves a spot here too.

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  1. oh woww... never thought you'd start a blog. everybody's starting blogs. like euna.. but yes singapore hospital is awesome for food. are you spending your whole elective there?