Monday, 20 August 2012

People of ACTION2012

Those are some amazing, amazing tents people.

Despite me wittering on about my adventures in Taiwan for several posts, I haven't shared some of the most amazing parts - mainly because I feel like this blog is very public, and making friendships/meeting people is a very personal experience that no-one can really understand from the outside (and consequently, people get terribly bored reading it in a public blog post)

However, many of the delegates are now added to my facebook, so hopefully this will serve as a reminder of all the relationships and the intangible things that occurred during the week. I apologise if I miss anyone out in the photos, mine are mainly of the best group Group 2!
Mainly because, of course, group 2 was the best. And no, I'm not biased...but I think I jumped in front of Ai in this picture, sorry!
Far doesn't really count because I already knew him, but it's a good picture of the tents!
We all look JUST like the window, right?
Also Toroko National Park...

....aaaaaaaaand if you can't remember me, I was the crazy one running around screaming about aliens and people trying to kill me (and just screaming)

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