Thursday, 23 August 2012

Night Markets, Taichung Edition. And waterslides!

So first I'm going to post pictures of things I didn't buy at the night markets...
Like these flowering cacti in all the bright colours! I was tempted to poke them to make sure they were real.

 Cute erasers :3 I may have tried to eat some if they weren't in packets.
 Umbrellas! I quite liked the purple and silver one, but didn't end up getting it.
This is Beep and Bump, they were won from this machine.

I ended up purchasing a dress for graduation for the princely sum of 1150NTD (about $50 NZD!), two pairs of tights, a new umbrella (as mine was destroyed during the conference week) and socks.
Tightsssssssss! Those of you who are familiar with my frilly wardrobe will know that I have the Awesome Card Suit Dress of Awesome that doesn't match anything, and also that I own vast amount of music themed clothing. Therefore these were a Totally Necessary Purchase.
Hamish with some of the things I acquired in Miaoli and Taichung. The teeny red thing you can see on the left was a souvenir gift from one of the ACTION delegates. I am going to post a shopping summary at some point, I think...

On my second-to-last day in Taiwan we went to a water theme park called Mala Bay. It has a hotel and general theme park (rollercoasters!) attached, but we went in the afternoon for the special ticket price so we didn't have to pay as much. It was also raining that day, so the usual attractions like the live performances weren't happening.
 Waterslides! The higher red one was a speed slide that I didn't much feel like going on, but I went on some of the other ones instead. There are two waterslide towers - this one has 5 and the other has 3 (which you need inner tubes to ride on). There's also some slides set up around a river-type attraction - we didn't go there though.
 They also have water themed rides and a wave pool which I was very impressed by but got no photos of. This ride (pictured in background) started from about 7m up, which doesn't sound that high until you climb all the stairs...
 And a random post-waterslide about-to-leave photo.

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