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Jurong East, Bugis Street/Junction/+ and a lot of shopping.

So my plan today was to go to Bugis Street and go shopping, as recommended to me by some of the local Singaporeans. And it was a Very Good Idea. I went there in a roundabout way via Jurong East, since I initially got on the bus going west rather than east. Oops. I had a wee poke around Jurong East trying to figure out how I'd ended up there, then decided the best course of action was to take the bus to the MRT and actually figure out which way to go on the train. I also had a lychee iceblock which was fairly average.
As you can see, I am disappoint (not even bitten before I took the photo - I licked it and was unimpressed)
There were a couple of very cheap shops by the Jurong MRT so I took the opportunity to have a look and purchase two new pairs of shorts (pictured later). I finally ended up at Bugis station, which is directly connected to Bugis Junction (the mall) and just across from Bugis Street (the street market type area). I decided to look in Bugis Junction first, since I knew I'd spend ages in Bugis Street. It's a very nice mall with an amazing food court, but not what I was really looking to spend money on at the time (markets markets marrrrkets) 
See? There's a Batmobile. Definition of awesome.
This was right next door to a Hello Kitty store, but a) we've had Hello Kitty photos on this blog already and b) the Hello Kitty store had a bigger "No Photos" sign.
Giant Sephora - this is about a quarter of the store width. I didn't actually end up buying anything, I was intending to go back to Missha to see if I could find a BB cream match (since I'm wearing sunblock every day here anyway, I thought I may as well get something that's an all-in-one) but I forgot. 
There were Sephora-with-other things in a display outside the store. I think this one is Skelanimals.
 This one is obviously tokidoki, haha. It was a bit hard to get a decent picture with the lightbox - you can see my reflection and the store reflected in the background.
 This was a cute wee store called Sophia specialising in retro-styled items - you can see some images that look like they're from old patterns/magazines up on the wall. Cute, but expensive.
 This is a blurry picture of part of the window display for a store specialising in couples' jewellery. Like name necklaces and his-and-hers matching sets and ridiculousness. The little bear and the rose are jewellery boxes. AWH.
 Cute shoes. These are the most adorable ballet flats EVER, and they're leather and nice and stuff, but the price tag of $120 was a wee bit much for me.

I'd been told there was a Japanese book store in Bugis Junction selling old Kera Maniax and Gothic Lolita Bibles -  and since I've been downloading those for the last 4 years, I felt I should actually purchase one at some point. So I toddled on up to Level 3 (well, took the escalator) and found this.......

September issue of Kera, back issues of the Gothic Lolita Bibles, and Gosurori! I was most excited about the Gosurori mooks, since they all contain heaps of patterns, but since they're sealed it's hard to know what's in them. Gosurori was discontinued in 2010, I think, so yay! I only ended up buying the October Kera - $14 for a magazine I can't read is a bit steep, but fashion is a pretty universal thing because it's PRETTY PICTURES guys. Plus the October one said it had the 7-day things in it (they dress up one of the models in 7 outfits with something like 8-10 main items of clothing) so I got that. I'm planning to return for the Gothic Lolita Bibles and Gosurori once I figure out which patterns are in which Gosurori, and which GLBs I don't have downloaded.
Watermelon juice (I took a break and opened my magazine at this point)
See how I knew it had the 7 days of outfits in it? I then headed down to Bugis Street, window shopping on the way, and got myself a Dragonfruit Kiwi Ice Juice since Bugis Street is known for being particularly warm.
To be honest, it wasn't actually all that bad compared to the TW markets, because it was indoors and everyone had fans and air-con. The first/ground floor was the more market-like, the second and third floors were more like an outlet mall.
 Deco nails (advertising outside a nail boutique). 3D deco and even some artwork is pretty uncommon for NZ nail boutiques, as most people go for more plain manicures, so it was nice to see some cute designs.
Big fuzzy furry thingies. There were many stores selling Taobao imported items - average price $5-15 for a top, $5-$20 for a dress - I even saw a store selling EVERYTHING for $5. Most of the items are very similar - all the trendy motifs are there, lace, ruffles, floral prints and retro prints (tiny birds, etc), chiffon, pleats, peter pan collars, studs, cut outs, drapey tops, mid-high waist or dropped waist,  polkadots and stripes, et al, et al. There's a fairly big Korean influence on the fashion with a fair bit of morigirl type clothing around as well. The main colours seem to be either pastels - mint, pink, blue, cream, autumny colours - brighter greens, tan brown, dark orange, gold or brights - red, blue, pink. And of course everything came in black. This was not so good for my quest for lilac and purple, sadly. I did however find this!
 It is a purple yam steamed bun. The only reason I remembered to take a photo is because it started out in a plastic bag
And this is just generic char siu.
I also found a bubble tea place that for an extra 60c (I think?) let you add as much extra "bubbles" (they had about a dozen different types of jelly, bubbles, and pudding!) as you wanted, self-serve as well so you got to customise it entirely before they poured the tea in. This was my go at it.
 I may have had a bit of it by this stage. Honey Peach Bubble Tea with mango jelly, grass jelly, caramel jelly, two types of exploding bubbles (I don't know what they're called...but they're like a membrane with stuff in them), mixed fruit jelly, egg pudding. They also had green apple jelly, normal sago bubbles, tofu, coffee jelly, and some others that I can't remember. It was $2.60 which is a little more than bubble tea normally is here - but I think the base price is also slightly higher to take the unlimited offer into account.
 And after the tea part disappeared. I inhaled jelly twice and a bubble once, and it took me half an hour to finish the rest of the filling because I refused to open the lid. After this, I took the MRT back to Queenstown station and then the bus back to my place. And got out my haul...
 2 pairs of shorts from Jurong East MRT $20, Kera mag $14.60, Purple dress $18, Jeans $18, Bags $36 total (one is a present for Mum as I went overseas just after her birthday), umbrella bought in TW, 2 chiffon tops $10. I'm surprised at how little I bought compared to how much I drooled over - I think because I was trying to buy less black and pink (although you wouldn't think it would you) and refused to buy mint green or baby blue (I don't suit mint green, and I got rid of most of the baby blue in my wardrobe in favour of bright royal blue) that it was better.
 I apologise for how squidged the dress is - it was folded and packaged before I took the photos. But it has little flocked bows on it!
My new handbag (I destoyed the last two by spilling hot chocolate in one and hot chocolate powder in the other) which is a bit dressier than Hamish's bed. Mum's is the grey version behind it. Map tote bag visible to the right.
I actually set out today intending to look for purple tops, a new bag, new jeans, some cute togs (unfortunately nothing appealed, although there were a few shops with them), another pair of shorts (the pink ones weren't really necessary) and accessories for my grad dress (not found at all, sadly) so I feel like I did okay at sticking to that. Bugis is a must-visit if you intend to go shopping in SG!
Furball that lives in Anchorpoint shopping centre. Awwwww.

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