Friday, 24 August 2012


So, as you may know, I am currently living next door to a sports outlet mall. And it is amazing because sportswear directed at the Asian market is a) awesome because it is b) cut for Asian body types and c) the sports bras have padding. The last point may sound slightly retarded - I mean, who wants a push up sports bra really? - but what it actually means in practical terms is that there's no show-through with the sports bra. Although I absolutely love the Bendon sports bras and the Berlei ones that I own, the fabric over the cups is fairly thin (I assume it has something to do with breathability and sweat and things, but honestly, doing high intensity exercise means you drip puddles anyway).
 Coloursssssssssssssss. And they actually go down to a size that fits. In a high-impact support style, although I'm still suspicious of the idea that a compression based sports bra without any definite underwire will ever give true high support rather than just squidging. I haven't tried any on yet because I know that once I do, I will probably buy them. At $35-$60 each, they're not omg super cheap like the last bras I bought ($20, yay Bendon Outlet) but certainly reasonable for a sports bra. They also have tops with built in support for a similar price, which I may be more tempted to get. Also, 1 sgd pretty much = 1 nzd, which is helpful for conversion. Unfortunately all the purple ones you see were sold out in my size, so I didn't end up getting any...yet.
 Shorts in all of the coloursssssssssss. I don't really feel like paying for branded shorts though, really there's nothing super special about stubbies, even if they are made of fancy sports fabric. I'd rather pay for a decent supportive top, as that actually offers me some benefit. Skins and compression wear are the same price as in NZ, otherwise I would have a skins bodysuit by now.

Now, onto things I actually bought. Some are practical, some really not so practical.
 My mouse died on me while I was in Taiwan, so I got a new one with pretty lights. I like pretty lights. This was one of my practical purchases.
 2 tops from Cotton On (it was buy one get one free, and the marked price was $2!!!) and some new gym shorts, since I never see purple ones for sale in NZ. The Cotton On tops were kinda-practical, kinda-impulse (since I already have enough work tops) but I really wanted new gym shorts.
My new gym outfit (actually not, since I usually wear my togs and shorts to the gym here then hop in the pool) and an unintentionally amputated arm.
Since visiting the Liz Lisa store in TW, I've been hankering after some of their items and wishing they came in other colours. I don't really want to pay the price tag for the brand itself, but then I saw these!
 These were $10 and reminded me muchly of an older Liz Lisa collection, so I bought them. They have lace overlay on the back pockets as well. They're probably not something I would've bought a few months ago, but they're super cute and seeing people wearing more cutesy-girly fashion over here has influenced me a bit. One of the interesting things was that because they were "clearance" I wasn't allowed to try them on, however the store assistant told me to put them around my neck to check if they fitted, something I'd never done or heard of before! I guess neck circumference is supposed to be half waist circumference - I don't think this is quite true for me at present, but they fit (just!)
Worn, with a blouse purchased in TW and one of the pairs of new glasses I purchased in TW (total cost for 2 pairs was 4300NTD - not bad since my last pair cost more than that for the lenses alone)
A collection of plastic bags and some purchases I made in TW.
A top I bought because it's awesome. The lace-and-frills things has been picked up way more over here than in NZ, I think because the trends are more cutesy/frilly in any case, so ALL THE AWESOME TOPS. Having lace over the shoulder/yoke area and sleeves is also particularly trendy right now, as you can see...
 Chiffon and lace, super comfy and billowy.
This one has pearl detailing on the collar, gold buttons, and lace on the shoulders.
I saw this cat again today, so you get another photo of it. My next post will be all about the FOOD (although without many pictures because I tend to eat it all before I think about taking photos.)

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