Monday, 20 August 2012

Shilin Night Markets!

Shilin is supposedly a bit of a touristy market as well as (apparently) being *the* night market to go to in Taipei, but the competition between stalls keeps the prices pretty good for the most part. This is one of the things I was MOST excited about on this trip. Not only was it packed...and HUGE, it was bloody fantastic. I ended up buying a lot, and eating...a LOT. I think I only spent about 150-200NTD for everything? I was sharing with people most of the time though. For simplicity's sake, this post is going to focus on what I ate. And again, not enough pictures of all the things :(

I had:
Tempura (one of the Japanese guys declared it to be "better than Japanese tempura", but I can honestly say I wasn't all that impressed)
Stinky tofu with all the spicy. I honestly prefer seafood clay pot tofu, because it has more flavours. And you know, seafood.

Oyster omelette - a little chewy for my tastes.
Oyster noodles - The. Most. Amazing. Thing. Ever. And I think the only totally new thing I tried?)
Barbecued squid with salt/sesame
Fish balls with seaweed seasoning - pretty good, but a bit salty for me
...and of course shaved ice with caramel pudding/chocolate,and mango shaved ice. NOM.

oh, and this is Hamish's new bed. The print is cats + flowers + music notes and purple-on-black! He's actually sleeping with his eyes open here, but it's hard to tell from the camera angle and the lighting.

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